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A gourmet ice cream treat that contains butterfat and egg yolk.  It is made fresh daily and has a smooth creamy texture.  Select from chocolate, vanilla, or our flavor of the day which is listed above the windows. Our gourmet flavors are made by using our custard mix and then adding a little something to them.  These flavors are a little harder but still delectable.  A listing of flavors can be found in the window to the right.  Flavors
If you are looking for something a little less stressful on the belt buckle, try a cup or cone of yogurt or sherbet.  The flavor that we are serving today is in the window on the right. Sorry, we can’t boast making these flavors. We carry chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butter pecan, and moosetracks.  Flavors
Kids $1.69
Small Cone $2.79
Medium Cone $3.79
Large Cone $4.59
Fresh Packed Pint $4.79
Fresh Packed Quart $6.69
Frozen Pint $3.39
Waffle Cone $.80
Waffle Bowl $.80
Pretzel Cone $1.00
Extra Toppings $.65
Extra Flurry Pieces $.65
Big Wheel $1.89
Sm. Dog Cone  $.99
Lg. Dog Cone $1.89
10 varieties to choose from (hot fudge, strawberry, caramel, black raspberry, chocolate, maple walnut, pineapple, marshmallow, peanut butter, and butterscotch) comes with whipped cream and cherry.  Peanuts are $.50 extra and pecans are $.75 extra.  Add a waffle bowl for $.75.
Small Sundae $3.59
Medium Sundae $4.59
Large Sundae $5.59
Our deluxe sundaes are a combination of custard and two different toppings.  There are 6 deluxe sundaes to choose from peanut butter cup, turtle, almond joy, fudge brownie, dirt,  and smores.  Add a waffle bowl for $.75, peanuts for $.50 or pecans for $.75 extra.
Small Deluxe $4.29
Medium Deluxe $5.29
A scoop of chocolate and vanilla for a small or 2 scoops of vanilla and a scoop of chocolate for a large, a banana, chocolate, black raspberry, and pineapple topping, whipped cream and cherry.  A fudge boat is covered entirely by fudge.  Peanuts are $.50 extra and pecans are $.75 extra.
Small Split $4.89
Large Split $5.89
Small Boat $4.89
Large Boat $5.89
Vanilla, chocolate, black raspberry, banana, cherry, orange, pineapple, butterscotch, strawberry, root beer, blueberry, peanut butter, amaretto, vanilla cappuccino, caramel macadamia, oreo.
20 oz. Shake $3.79
Thick Shake $4.29
Cookie dough, oreo, chocolate peanut butter cup, m&m’s, butterfingers, gummie bears, reese pieces, nerds, snickers, and our new skittles flurries.  We also offer a Rosalind chocolate covered pretzel flurry for a limited time and additional cost.
Regular $4.79
Small Icee $2.79
Large Icee $3.79
Icee & Cream – 20 oz. $4.69
Back by popular demand, vanilla custard whipped with either orange pop, rootbeer, or any other pop you choose.
20 oz. $3.79
Just like at the carnival, but sweeter.  Fantastic on a hot day!
20 oz. $2.99
7 flavors to choose from. Hawaiian shaved ice differs from a snow cone in that the ice is light and fluffy and not crunchy.  Blue raspberry, cherry, lemon-lime, rootbeer, lemonade, strawberry, and grape.
20 oz. $3.09

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 Updated Feb 2017

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11am until 10pm

Daily Frozen Custard Flavors
Every Day  -   Chocolate & Vanilla
Monday  -   Pistachio
Tuesday  -   Orange Pineapple
Wednesday  -   Peanut Butter
Thursday  -   Banana
Friday  -   Strawberry
Saturday  -   Dreamcicle
Sunday  -   Black Raspberry
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